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Classes & Events

Embroidery Classes

Learn the foundational skills and items needed to create beautiful machine embroidery. This class will go through the different stabilizers, fabrics, needles, design files, hooping and more. In session 1, you will create your own Stabilizer notebook. In Session 2, we will review Session 1 and work on 2 small projects to understand the basics and prepare you for the types of projects we do 1 Sewing Center's Embroidery Club.

Cost: $ 80.00
Gently float through sunny skies as you reach new heights of embroidery with these big, beautiful balloons! Perfect for hanging in a child's room or adding a fun splash of color to your sewing area or any room. Stands about 7" tall by 6.5" wide. So, up, up and away in a beautiful Hot Air Balloon that you make yourself.

Cost: $ 40.00
Embroidery can be fun, but what do you do with all those files? How do you download them? Where do they go after you buy them? This is a basic computer skills class to teach you how to download files via different methods and websites. We will also discuss filing methods and how to get them from your computer to a USB stick so you can load them into your machine.

Cost: $ 20.00