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George Trimmer 2.0

This multi-purpose tool is perfect for trimming quilt-as-you-go blocks. There is a 6½x 12 ½ acrylic ruler now attached to our original crimped edge to make trimming blocks and measuring simple with just one tool. The HoopSisters Trimmer By George 2.0! has markings to make it simple to trim the right amount of sashing and binding for your EmbroidaBlocks.
Use the crimped side to trim the Battilizer and backing from the block edges just like the original Trimmer by George!Then, flip it over and use the clear acrylic ruler side to trim the blocks 1/4 inch from the basting line!There is even a handy guide to cut your sashing and binding. One tool for all your EmbroidaBlock trimming needs.
Keep your receipt!
If there is damage to the Trimmer By George 2.0 besides the usual wear and tear we will replace the Trimmer By George 2.0 at no charge up to 120 days after the purchase was made. We will replace the Trimmer By George 2.0 one time per customer. If damage is done past the 120 days time frame, a new Trimmer By George 2.0 must be re-purchased by the customer. A 15% discount will be given on the purchase of your next Trimmer if damage has occured.
After one year of purchase the Trimmer By George 2.0 will not be replaced at a discounted price. A full price purchase must be made should the customer need a new one.
As our packaging states, a 60mm rotary cutter is recommend for use with the Trimmer By George 2.0.